Reewa Waree Resort Khaoyai picked Centrum Cloud IPMS

Reewa Waree Resort from Khaoyai subscribed Centrum Cloud IPMS

If you want a place to relax and chill out for a walk with someone you love, we recommend a brand new resort called Reewa waree.

Reewa waree Chose Cloud Front Office System from Centrum.


Traditional Offline PMS systems have always been complicated and expensive and only Big Hotels can afford to buy a PMS System. 

Right now, Everyone can afford to use Cloud IPMS System! Starting from a guest house, small hotels until 4 or 5 stars Resorts!

At the age of Cloud , nowadays, hotels are moving to Cloud IPMS more and more. Why?

   By Using Cloud IPMS System,

– No Servers to Buy
– No Software to Buy
– Online Training
– Real-time Operation
– Mobile Device Access
– Innovative


Interested? Contact us now! (+65) 9665-0338 or

Real-time Managing, Anytime, Anywhere, by Anyone!”

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