Our Company

Centrum Innovations Pte. Ltd. is a technology lifestyle company. A leading innovator of Cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service solution), we strive to be an industry leader committing to innovations, research and development.

Our vision and passion is to make the daily work flow more convenient, effective and meaningful with the use of our creative innovations and technology.

“Centrum Innovations – Real-time Managing, Anytime, Anywhere!”

Our Innovations Highlights

Centrum Cloud Integrated Property Management System – (IPMS)

Direct Online Marketing has become a key strategy in today’s hotel e-Business.

Our flagship Centrum Cloud Integrated Property Management System (IPMS) encompasses our vast experience in the hospitality, property and hotel industry with software solutions design by hotel/resort owners and travel agents specifically for the hospitality industry from 6 star hotels chain/resorts to hostels/dormitories and property management. We are one of the world’s major providers of customized online reservation, hospitality and property management systems.

Our innovations are revolutionizing how the industry is being managed as gone are the days for the need of various consolidation, night audits and etc. Information and reports can be access real-time and on demand, resulting in more efficient and effective managing and operations.

At present, we are the only Cloud based hospitality / property management systems provider that is more than happy to customize your real-time online system exactly the way you like it including hosting, along with on-going personal support, professional training and consultation for your management and staff.

Centrum Innovations – Real-time Managing, Anytime, Anywhere!

“Centrum Real-time Managing, Anytime, Anywhere!” accessible on Mobile platforms and devices via internet or mobile data service and also Web based, is a key feature in all our innovations that is revolutionizing how operations are being managed as access to centralized real-time on demand information helps our users make better informed decisions.

Centrum Cloud Safe

“Centrum Cloud Safe”, is another of our innovative term we used to secure data. Unlike the local servers in the premises of businesses, “Centrum Cloud Safe” involves MTCSS 584 certification for specially designed and centralised Cloud Data Center that are not only more secured but are very high speed systems.

Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard (MCTSS 584) is the gold standard for security in the Cloud environment. MTCSS 584 is designed with established international standards that include ISO27001: 2005 that covers enhanced security to manage cloud specific risks.

Our Support

Centrum Innovations professional Technical Support Team will ensure that your operation is constantly performing at its best.

Our dedicated Customer Service Team will cater to your need and provide you with detailed information on all aspect of our system.

Centrum Innovations with its own hardware, networks and professionals are ready to support our clients on a global basis.

Our Network

As a hub for travel products and technology, Centrum Innovations provides powerful interface, instant online reservation system and distribution channel. Portal and travel websites interface seamlessly from our user-friendly instant online reservation system. Hotel and chain hotels can greatly leverage on our sophisticated state-of-the-art technology and design for back office as well as website visitors. Agents and tour operators find value from being in e-marketplace where potential buyers have access to them anywhere, anytime.