New Subscribes for IPMS system – On Hotel Phuket

On Hotel Phuket recently subscribe to Calypso System IPMS and will be start using on Sweet December 2014


On Hotel is from Koron Beach Phuket. Karon Beach is a popular destination for tourist. It is a second largest beach, an amazingly long stretch of squeaky white sand, situated on the western coast of Phuket. Generally quieter than neighbouring Patong Beach, it is especially popular among families and couples, and less popular with singles than Patong. It is also especially popular with Scandinavian tourists, with many businesses catering especially to them. 

Having 149 rooms , On hotel will surely fulfill demands and provide the best service to the guests.

On Hotel subscribed to

1) Cloud IPMS

2) Booking Engine

3) Web Design

4) ePay

5) Channel manager.

Calypso team will go and support for onsite training during November before grand opening on 1st of December.

Thank You for choosing us and We wish to step ahead for a strong business relationship.

Interested? Contact us now! (+65) 9665-0338 or

Real-time Managing, Anytime, Anywhere, by Anyone!”

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