IPMS System New Subscriber – Golden Gold Resort and Spa

IPMS System New Subscriber – Golden Gold Resort and Spa

Golden Gold Resort From Khao Yai choose to use

1) Cloud Front Office System

2) Web design

3) Booking Engine

4) Cloud POS

Cloud IPMS Training session for Orawana has been conducted successfully last week. 

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If you love to go countryside, watching birds, camping in the jungle or relaxing at resorts, Khao Yai is the best place to visit. Golden Gold is one of the best resorts.  Mostly, both foreign and local tourists are visiting to Khao Yai by Group. Therefore Group Booking Module in IPMS system is significant for the Golden Gold Hotel. Hotel can check-in and out the guests by group more easily and quickly and it minimizes staff workload and maximizes productivity as well.


The park is a very popular destination for both foreign and local tourists.Blessed with a lush, mountainous landscape, with fertile valleys, pounding waterfalls and rich biodiversity, Khao Yai is a year-round getaway destination just three hours’ drive from Bangkok.

The Khao Yai national park is home to around 300 resident and migratory birds and has one of Thailand’s largest populations of hornbills.  Khao Yai incorporates one of the largest intact monsoon forests remaining in mainland Asia, which is why it was named a Unesco World Heritage. 


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