IPMS System for Kavin Buri Hotel is ready!

Cloud IPMS System For Kavin Buri Hotel is Ready!


Kavin Buri Green hotel, centrally located in Udon Thani Province can offer you the most outstanding accommodation

Kavin buri Green Hotel’s latest aptly designed contemporary hotel infusing city life with first-class service and style, situated right in the epic Centre of it all.

Conveniently located a short walking to Central Plaza, Centre Point, UD. Communities’ Mall and shopping Centre.

Udon Thani is one of the major cities of Thailand.

There are many attractions in Udon Thani, including Ban Chiang, Sanjao Phuya Chinese Temple, Chao Pu-Ya Shrine, Udon Sunshine Fragrant Orchid Farm, Than Ngan Waterfall and so on. 

You may find out more about Kavin Buri at https://www.facebook.com/kavinburi

Kavin Buri is situated in Udon Thani and they subscribed

1) Cloud IPMS

2) Booking Engine

3) Agoda YCS Interface

4) Web Design

5) POS

We have already created Kavin Buri Website. Check it out  Here !

Our Calypso Team is going to Kavin Buri and support onsite training for them. 

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