Hotel Room Automatic Electric Meter Reading Interface

Have you ever imagined that you could check electric meter of each room in your hotel directly from your Front Office System?

We, Calypso System, can make it happen!

We have successfully integrated with , MITSUBISHI Electric Meter for Hotel Room Automatic Electric Meter Reading Interface

How Mitsubishi Electric Meter Interface can help your property?

1) AMR, Automatic Meter Reading , will send the data to IPMS directly

   Hotels can check Data of Electric Meter from IPMS directly. They can know the details of the electic meter on daily basic or monthly basic. 

2) Convenient to track electricity consumption over IPMS.

Hotel can know the status of the hotel room such as the room is Vacant No electric Use or Vacant Electricity Use. In addition, You can know Electricity consumption of the hotel room is low, medium or high. 

3) Easy to monitor if a hotel room is occupied by a paying guest.

Because Hotel rooms might be occupied by unknown person or hotel staff, it is easy to monitor.

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