Hopeland group, hotel and apartment is now subscribed to our booking engine!

Hopeland hotel, Hopeland, Romance Service Apartment, Hope land Soi 8 is now one of the many groups that uses our booking engine.

Hope land a group of hotels at the center of bangkok is now subscribed to our CLOUD IPMS booking engine.

IPMS (integrated PMS)  has reservation system, Property Management System, Point of Sale(POS) and channel manager are integrated into All-in-one system on Cloud Technology. Cloud IPMS makes sure that the user can manage all the components effectively, effeciently and easily. For more info, please visit to our website here!

And by using our Cloud IPMS System,

– No Servers to Buy ( No more corrupted or crashing servers ) all your files are tracked and saved online
– No Software to Buy ( Same stuff mentioned above! ) User friendly too!
– Online Training ( We are happy to help )
– Real-time Operation ( No buffering delays, all your files are updated everytime! )
– Mobile Device Access ( Keep track of your system anywhere! )
– Innovative ( New and Original everytime! )

With a web-based Cloud IPMS System, you can open it in a browser, log in and start using it. 

Interested? Contact us now! (+65) 9665-0338 or info@centrumcloud.com

Real-time Managing, Anytime, Anywhere, by Anyone!”

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