Happy 3 Hotel Bangkok picked Cloud IPMS

Happy 3 Hotel subscribed to Cloud IPMS to run their hotel operation smoothly and effectively

Happy 3 Hotel is situated in the city center , surrounded by many shopping malls and easy to access to any places in bangkok.

This cute hotel, Happy 3 subscribed to the following products, 

  1. Website Booking Engine Setup
  2. Payment Gateway 
  3. CLOUD Front Office with AR
  4. Channel Manager API
  5. Cloud POS 

We called our system as IPMS (integrated PMS) because reservation system, Property Management System, Point of Sale(POS) and channel manager are all integrated into All-in-one system on Cloud Technology. This All-in-one Cloud IPMS allows the user to manage all the components in one place effectively, efficiently and easily. For more info, please visit to www.calypsosystem.com

At the age of Cloud Computing, nowadays, hotels are moving to Cloud IPMS more and more. Why?

   By Using Cloud System,

    – No Servers to Buy
– No Software to Buy
– Online Training
– Real-time Operation
– Mobile Device Access
– Innovative

With a web-based Cloud IPMS System, you can open it in a browser, log in and start using it. 

Interested? Contact us now! (+65) 9665-0338 or info@centrumcloud.com

Real-time Managing, Anytime, Anywhere, by Anyone!”

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