Group Booking Module is now in IPMS!

Group Booking Module is ready to use!


Thailand’s peak tourist season runs from November to late March. Both local people and Tourists travel around Thailand by individual or group.

People travels around by group especially in peak season as most people have same vacation period. And so hotels are also busy not only in weekends but also in weekdays.

For the sake of convenience for the hotel, we just develop a new module called Group Booking. Hotel can gain many benefits by using this module. First of all, it minimizes staff workload and maximizes productivity. Group reservation can be made either a small group or a large group. Hotel can check-in and out the guests by group more easily and quickly without waiting lines in reception counter. This module is also integral part of Cloud IPMS.

Right Now, most hotels from Khao Yai, Thailand are going to use group booking module. The Pino Khao Yai is the first hotel using Group Booking. 


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