Chic Hostel has been launched Self-Service Check-In Kiosk

Chic Hostel is the largest hostel in the region with over 500+ beds. It is also a Luxury Hostel, the only hostel that has swimming pool and personal Tablet with Internet entertainment.

To offer the best service to guests, Chic Hostel has been launched Self-Service Check-In Kiosk.

Kiosk is integral part of Calypso Cloud Front Office System. Hotel can also monitor check-in guests from Kiosk from Calypso Cloud Front Office System.

By using Self-Service Check-In Kiosk, The hotels can gain many benefits such as:

  • Enhanced Customer Service – Late Hours Check-in
  • Multi-languages – Minimize staff workload
  • Integral Part of Cloud IPMS
  • Guest can check-in easily and quickly without waiting in line at the reception counter
  • Boost Guest Satisfaction and Hotel Efficiencies
  • Handle challenges such as up-selling, upgrades, promotions, coupons.

At the age of Cloud Computing, nowadays, hotels are moving to Cloud IPMS more and more. Why?

With a web-based Cloud IPMS System, you can open it in a browser, log in and start using it. 

Interested? Contact us now! (+65) 9665-0338 or

Real-time Managing, Anytime, Anywhere, by Anyone!”

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