Interview with Chic Hostel CEO,Dr. Natvuth Thanasane

Chic Hostel China Town, the largest luxury hostel in the region with over 580 Beds and swimming pool for guests

Chic China Town is the first Luxury Modern Hostel in the world that has completely revolutionized the conventional hostel concept to the level of an ELITE BOUTIQUE HOSTEL comparable to the 3-4 Star hotel and resort.

In addition, this is the first ever Hostel that offers swimming pool and self service check-in kiosk.
Chic subscribe to the following products, 

  1. Web Design 
  2. Website Booking Engine Setup
  3. Payment Gateway 
  4. CLOUD Front Office with AR
  5. Self-Service Check-in Kiosk with passport scanner
  6. Channel Manager API
  7. Cloud POS Barcode Scanner
  8. EDC POS/PMS Interface
  9. Cloud Accounting and Financial System

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