A New IPMS Subscriber from Koh Samet, Nimmanoradee Boutique Resort

Nimmanoradee Boutique Resort From Koh Samet just choose us to use Cloud IPMS and POS system for their properties.


Ko Samet island or Koh Samet island is the “Pearl Of The East” – it’s one of the most popular vacation destinations. Its shores are covered in beautiful bays and beaches, surrounded by sparkling clear waters, and the warm hospitality of the Thai people. , The resort is only 190 km. from Bangkok and 50 km. form Pattaya.

Nimmanoradee Boutique Resort has been designed to blend pleasantly into the eco tropical landscape. The cottage is Boutique Siam Style in octagon, cool, steep-roofed cottages in variety nice octagon bungalows with own wood terrace overlooking the sea from your bedroom where you can treasure the spectacular sunrise, located on seaside and panorama view cottage, clean, facilities completely, 24 Hr. water supply and electric hour, a bedroom has the spa aroma candle kisses to serve for relaxing The nice cottage stick the seaside, the backyard sticks him, the cold wind is comfortable. 

RECREATION Activity Includes like Snorkeling / diving, Kayaking / Kayak fishing, Squid, fishing, Valleyball, Photography, Climbing on the cape, Sunrise, sunset, fullmoon, Horn bird, chicken crab, Thai Massage, Book, DVD movie to borrow, Trip tour.

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